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T-ara’s Soyeon has a passion for bags.

 T-ara’s Soyeon said that she has a passion for bags.

On the 4th, Soyeon appeared on cable TV Mnet Beatles code and talked about her gossip.

MC Yoon Jong Shin and Yoo Se Yoon asked her,” You have a nickname,Bagshionistar,which means you have passion for bags.” She answered, “I think I’m at that age. I love bags and I buy them as long as I have my hands free.” This made all the people at the studio laugh.

The MCs asked, “Do you have any time to carry the bags and enjoy them?” And she said, ” I always carry them and enjoy them.”

At the same questions, unlike Soyeon, JiYeon said,”I’m not interested in bags. But I love sneakers, instead. I usually prefer wearing sneakers because I have to wear high heels on stages.”

Whayoung said,” I collect cute headsets.”
After the conversations, Soyeon got a little embarrassed because she thought that she might be looked extravagant.”

On the show, Kang San Eh also appeared and sang his debut song, It is...

On the 4th, T-ara’s cute charms will be aired on Beatles code.

Source : TV Report