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Tony An has been a fan of T-ara’s Eunjung ever since his army days

During a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100“, singer Tony An confessed that it was because of T-ara’s Eunjung that he was able to withstand the hardships of his time in the army.

Unable to conceal his shyness when Eunjung appeared on the show as a guest, his castmates burst out with laughter upon discovering that his ears had turned bright red, a characteristic trait of his that shows his level of embarrassment or shyness.

He eventually confessed that he was an avid fan of T-ara and that his favorite song of theirs is “Like the First Time“.  Turning to Eunjung and Soyeon, he asked them to perform it on the spot, to which they readily agreed.

Tony joked, “Despite Soyeon being a fixed cast member of the show, I am only just now starting to see her as a T-ara member!”

Check out the full broadcast at 5:15 PM KST on March 19th!

Source: Korea Economic via Nate