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With Kim Dong Ryul, Tablo, T-ara, and Wonder Girls, the best November is coming


This November is expected to be more plentiful season than any other seasons in the past for the music industry. Singers with great talents from different genres are releasing new albums and new songs after a long time, and moreover they will perform on the stage with different looks.

As October (including the beginning of November) is usually considered as the Maginot Line for new album releases, the hip hop power Tablo and popular girl groups such as T-ara and Brown Eyed Girls are releasing their new albums at the end of October this year.


Tablo is going to release his first solo album “Red Eruptions” composed of part 1 and part 2 offline on November 1.

He previously released “Airbag” on the 13th and already released the part 1 of “Red Eruptions” on the 21st. As “Airbag” and the title song of part 1 “Bad” received favorable reviews, they were top ranked on music charts. Also, “Tomorrow,” the title song of the part 2 which features Taeyang, is already increasing his fans’ expectations. Including Taeyang, Lee Sora, Naul, Epik High’s Two Cut, and Tablo’s close friend Bong Tae Gyu participated in Tablo’s first solo album. Since this album is the first album Tablo is releasing after the painful time caused by the absurd controversy over his final education, it is receiving reviews that it is more mature than before in many aspects. This is the reason why many people keep paying attention to Tablo’s first solo album.


At the same time, popular girl groups are also coming back.

T-ara is coming back to the domestic music industry, releasing completed versions of music videos for “Cry Cry” and “Lovey-Dovey” on November 9. Their music videos are especially attracting more attention this time because they are created on large scales of about 30-minute long, starring popular stars such as Cha Seung Won and Ji Chang Wook. On the recently released teaser posters of “Cry Cry,” T-ara’s members including Ji Yeon and Qri show images of female worriers in the mood like a noir film, which is different from their previous cute and lively images. Therefore, many people are paying attention to T-ara, wondering what kind of charms they are going to show this time through “Cry Cry” and “Lovey-Dovey.”


Littler earlier than T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls are seeing their fans with changed images on November 4.

Brown Eyed Girls are releasing a repackage album of their regular 4th album “Sixth Sense” on that day and perform on the stage again after two weeks from the day of their last performance for “Sixth Sense” Brown Eyed Girls, who used to show strong electronic dance music to their fans, are going to show sentimental ballad this time because they selected a sad ballad as the title song of their repackage album. It’s an exceptional challenge for Brown Eyed Girls. By this, Brown Eyed Girls are seeing their fans with ballad music for the first time in 5 years and 8 months since “Come Close To Me,” a R&B ballad and the title song of their first regular album released on March in 2006.


On November 7, Wonder Girls are releasing their 2nd regular domestic album.

It is after a year and a half that Wonder Girls are releasing a new album in Korea since they released the last one in May. They have focused on their activities in overseas countries such as U.S. so far. Wonder Girls are going to continue their domestic activities for the new song until the end of this year. Wonder Girls’ agency JYP Entertainment said, “Wonder Girls will make a change that will surprise everyone. They will show you strong charisma.”


A sentimental singer-song writer Kim Dong Ryul also announced that he will release a new album in November.

Kim Dong Ryul hasn’t decided the exact date for the release, but he said he would within November. The title of his new album is ’kimdongrYULE’ and he is releasing a new album after 3 years and 10 months since he released his 5th regular album on January in 2008. Kim Dong Ryul almost hasn’t appeared on TV but has been loved by many people for 17 years with the ballad music that only Kim Dong Ryul could do such as “Should I Say I Love You Again,” “Words of Loving You,” and “Like A Child.” That’s why many fans of him are already pleased by just the announcement for his new album release.


It’s becoming more curious what kinds of responses the music industry, ready to flourish in November, will elicit from the music fans.


Source: Starnews