• maybee posted an update 3 years ago

    i think the murderer of Crown Princess in Joseon is Tae Mu..
    kkekekke… =D *Rooftop Prince

    • ayah replied 3 years ago

      i agree .. hehe that’s what i think also..

      • i think about it since Lee Gak and Se Na wanna engage.. hahha…
        and Tae Mu was jealous… kekkek.. =p

        • ayah replied 3 years ago

          yeah.. im watching right now ep 17 ..

          • i have watched it until episode 18,,
            but i don’t know, what they speak..
            kkekek… =D

            • ayah replied 3 years ago

              where did you watch ? you should watch with english subtitle .. hehe

              • @ayah,,
                i have watched ep 18 with eng sub..
                omoo.. i more and more curious about the next episode..
                Park Ha will die?? or she will disappeared and goes to Joseon?? kekkek.. =’((

    • i was curious about that ending..
      can’t wait for episode 19.. hhe.. =p