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TEEN TOP’s L.Joe and Chunji recall childhood memories

On February 21, TEEN TOP’s L.Joe and Chunji posted their childhood photos on me2DAY with the comment that said “Little cutie L.Joe boasting of his strength. I feel kind of shy to see my little self. You’re sure to love this playful little L.Joe, aren’t you?” In the photo, L.Joe is wearing a playful expression with a shy smile putting a red band around his head.

Chunji as well posted his childhood photo with the witty comment: “I hope you are not let down by this photo. Am I about to cry? Or, frowning at something? I must have been immersed in practicing acting with facial expressions from childhood.” In the photo, he is forming a imposing pose with his fists tightly clenched.

People who saw the photos left responses: “L.Joe must have been a little devil as a boy.” “The little but charismatic Chunji feels different from this current prince-like Chunji.” “You guys are real cuties. I want to see such photos of the other members.”