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Idol group Touch come into the spotlight: “The next SS501″

The idol group Touch have come into the spotlight since they released a new album in January.

Touch once went through a hard time because the group was re-formed as a quintet. However, they are now quickly growing as a new Hallyu group with a new album. They are currently performing and promoting “Rockin’ the Club,” the title song of their new album.

Although they just started promoting and performing, they’ve already been offered many TV commercials from clothing and cosmetics brands in Korea and concerts and TV commercials from such overseas countries as China, Japan, and Taiwan. Unlike their young and handsome images, their performances are charismatic and powerful. Their hidden talents, including great singing abilities, are also playing an important part in becoming a new Hallyu group.

Overseas agencies are currently paying attention to Touch, calling them the next SS501. They are comparing Touch with SS501 and MBLAQ because of their powerful performance, which is unimaginable from their handsome young looks.

A spokesperson for Touch says, “Many people say Touch resemble SS501 because they captivate people, like SS501 did, with powerful songs, which are unimaginable from their young, handsome images. Many people are surprised by such looks of Touch and commenting that they are good enough to become the next Hallyu group to succeed SS501.”