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Jay Park’s choreographer Andrew has his eyes on idol group Touch

The famous American choreographer Andrew Baterina asked Korean idol group Touch to work with him.

Andrew started to look into Korean musicians after meeting Jay Park. After seeing Touch’s performance on a show, Andrew asked their representative for a meeting.

Andrew is a choreographer and a former member of Soreal Crew who took second place on American Music Channel MTV’s ABDC (American Best Dance Crew). He choreographed for the soundtrack “Demon” of the movie Hype Nation and also choreographs for Jay Park’s solo album.

A representative of Touch reveals, “A meeting between Andrew and Touch was setup due to Andrew’s request. On January 21, Touch’s leader Joon Yong and Andrew met at Yeouido practice room and spent about four hours dancing and talking.”

He continues, “After spending some time, Andrew praised Touch by saying, ‘After more interactions, efforts and training, they will be able to be called as the next Chris Brown, the second Michael Jackson.’ He also said that he wants to keep in touch and would love to teach each other as dancers.”

Idol group Touch meeting with the famous choreographer Andrew Baterina, shows that many talented idol stars can be discovered and brought up to a much higher level.