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Group Name: TOUCH ( The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme )

Management Company : YYJ Entertainment
Official Homepage : http://www.yyj-ent.com/
Twitter : http://twitter.com/yyjtouch

Members : Han Jun, Jun Yong, Sung Yong, Young Hun, Sun Woong


Name: Maeng Han Jun

Date of Birth: 1990.1.30

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Height: 174cm

Weight: 56kg

Hobbies: English, Acting, Playing Guitar, Composing



Name: Jeon Jun Yong

Date of Birth: 1991.9.25

Position: Vocalist

Height: 177cm

Weight: 60kg

Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, Singing



Name: Park Sung Yong

Date of Birth: 1989.12.22

Position: Vocalist

Height: 178cm

Weight: 58kg

Hobbies: Acting, Soccer



Name: Cha Young Hun

Date of Birth: 1990.11.27

Position: Rapper

Height: 181cm

Weight: 67kg

Hobbies: Making rap, Swimming



Name: Kim Sun Woong

Date of Birth: 1991.11.1

Position: Vocalist

Height: 182cm

Weight: 63kg

Hobbies: Playing Piano, Soccer, Basketball