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A Fan Meeting Yunho For Helping His Friend 120412

Actually, I met Yunho last night. I can’t believe it either but it’s true. It was a fortuitous miracle. Yunho was a really amazing person.

It started with me lending my charger to 2 Korean guys at McDonalds. It seems they either lost or got their wallets stolen and they were penniless. Their phone batteries were dead on top of that. I thought I had to help them somehow so with a tattered mix of Korean, English, and Japanese, we conversed. That’s how I realized that that person was an actor who costarred in Yunho’s musical.

Then, that person made a phone call, going “Yunho-yah~!” (This was on speaker too). I thought it had to be a lie but the voice on speakerphone was Yunho! I was still half in disbelief, but then the person said the words “Yunho Yunho,” “Chingu,” and “Goong Musical,” so I realized he was the good friend from the making of DVD.

By the way, Yunho’s ringtone is KYHD!

Then, the person said in Korean, “I’ll wait 5 minutes, borrow your charger, and Yunho will come get us.” That Yunho? There was no way he’d come down to such a busy street. Then he said to Yunho, “I’ve borrowed a charger from a Japanese fan, she really helped me out.” I still thought there was no way Yunho would come.

He also spoke to someone that sounded like their manager so I really believed that Yunho wouldn’t come.

I talked a lot with that person while believing Yunho wouldn’t come. He was really interesting. Finally, a phone call came that the directions given weren’t so good so Yunho didn’t know where to go.

Me: Hello?

Yunho: Ah, hello? Where are you right now? Around 109?

Me: No, near TSUTAYA’s McDonald’s

Yunho: …taya?


Yunho: …taya?

Me: TSU. TA. YA.

Yunho: Ohhh~~ TSUTAYA! I understand~

And then he hung up. It was only thing I realized I was speaking to Yunho ;_;

It seems like a lie but this was a real conversation. I thought it was a manager but it was Yunho, and I’ll never forget how I said TSU. TA. YA to him like that OTL. I wonder if it was hard to understand the “tsu” sound, I’m sorry.

The store was closing around 2:30am so we waited outside. I got an autograph from Yunho’s friend. Then, Yunho came up the stairs facing the McDonald’s exist. It was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it either.

While Yunho was walking up, he was smiling as he met his friend again. Then, he said to us, “This is my very important friend from Korea…really, thank you so much.” I thought I would never have a moment like this in my life again so I asked him for a handshake. He willingly outstretched his hand to me.

During the handshake, I finally managed to say, “Good luck during your Dome concerts.” I thought my friend and I should go after that. While we were leaving, they were waving to us, and to the end, Yunho said “Thank you” so many times. Yunho was Yunho to the very end.

Yunho was so cool. He’s really so cool. His face is tiny. His slender frame and style were good. He seemed like a Western model. His manners were good, and he was so, so kind. His hair was a bit messy. He was really so cool.

Yunho giving us a handshake really moved me, but more than that, I think it was wonderful for him to pick his friend up himself. Being that late, it had to have been after work, plus it was on such a busy street. He came with a smile. He thought of his friend. He was Yunho to the very end.

Source: marison_yj

Translated and shared by yuxi@hominfatale

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