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Malaysian Newspaper: Yunho is madly loved by Japanese celebrities?

The good looking Yunho, member of TVXQ group is every woman’s heart’s desire.

So it is not a surprise if he is also madly loved by the female Japanese celebrities who admire his features. Yunho has a lot fans among the female Japanese celebrities.

Those who have acknowledged they are fans of Yunho included members of AKB48, Atsuko Maeda and Kojima Haurna as well as actress Takemi Eri.

Not only this, famous Japanese model, Murata Mari or Marimo has also expressed before her admiration for Yunhowhom is classified as one of the most good looking artiste in the world.

Apart from Mairmo, actress Ami Koshimizu also admire Yunho a lot to the level that she has at one point express her desire to marry him.

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