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[TRANS] How does TVXQ overcome loneliness?

TVXQ’s interview with EPOP magazine;


TVXQ are currently busy with their wide concert in Japan. What is their favourite Japanese food? What Korean food do they recommend to their fans? How do they overcome loneliness? So much questions to ask, let’s check our their interview now!


How do the two of you overcome loneliness?

Yunho: Hmm.. there are times when I feel lonely. Like after work and I go back home, I feel lonely during bed time. If I do not get to sleep, I would read books. Now, I’m starting to like reading books. I’m trying to start reading more books. Not only can reading help me fill up the emptiness, but also expand my knowledge.

Changmin: I always feel lonely. When I feel lonely, I will listen to music and watch funny variety shows.


BoA has became the judge of the variety show “K-POP STAR”. If you had a chance to become the judge, which aspect would you judge the contestants from?

Yunho: I have watch “K-POP STARS” that has been judge by BoA sunbaenim (senior). If I were a judge, I would judge the contestants from their potential and personality. Eventhough ability is important, but if you work hard, I’m sure the contestants can get better too. If you have personality and potential, the other aspects can be improved if you work harder.

Changmin: Although there are many aspects that you need to look at, for me, I think the most important aspect are the ability, style, hard-work they put it and many more.


How do the two of you spend your free time?

Yunho: In the winter, I like to ski. I also really like to watch movies and enjoy the serenity.

Changmin: I like to go mountain hiking and jogging. I also like to watch movies, dramas and performances.


What are the memories from 2011 that are still in your memories?

Yunho: Our comeback stage in Jan that made me nervous, even until now, it is still in my memories.

Changmin: Photoshoot in Spain. Sea, mountains, food and also Madrid. Memories of the first time visiting Spain, all in my mind. *laughs*


How do the two of you take care of your health?

Yunho: Compare to taking care of your health, rest is better. Eat well, live happily is important! If you feel stress, you will easily feel tired and unhappy. For me, mental health is the most important!

Changmin: There’s no secrets or specific ways. Just drink more water and smile always. *laughs*


What are your favourite Korean dishes? Could you recommend something to your fans?

Yunho: I recommend fans to eat roasted/grilled meat with Naengmyeon(cold noodles) on top.

Changmin: I recently starting getting interested in eating spicy chicken.


What opinions can you give to the new groups, EXO-K and EXO-M?

Yunho: I’ve seen them train before. as a sunbaenim(senior), I have also given some opinions. Not long before this, I’ve also watched their teaser videos. New groups like them brings back memories from my times as a trainee. They are very hardworking children, that is why I believe that they can do it greatly. I hope they stay as their true selves, and work to become better.

Changmin: Aside from the new groups, when SHINee debuted, as a sunbaenim(senior), I always supported them with all my heart. How great it would be if they were loved by many. I hope they can become sunbaenim(senior) SM to help the hoobae(junior) in the future times.


Source: EPOP malaysia

Credits: [Trans] @yiingx3