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Fangifts for U-KISS!♥



Some of you might know that fyteentop is trying to organize and raise money to get Teen Top an iPad. This gave me the idea to maybe send a gift to U-Kiss from all of us international fans. It seems like they’re a little down on themselves and I think it would really make them happy if we let them know how much we love and appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be a really expensive thing since I know money is short these days, so maybe just something homemade. I’m thinking, if we send them all together they’re more likely to open it, right? I mean, I’d rather open a big box than a bunch of little envelopes! And since Kevin, Eli, and AJ can all speak English, they will be able to actually read what we write

I’m just throwing out ideas but if you want to write a letter, draw a picture, really anything, and then send it to me, I can organize it in a big scrap-book type thing and they can all read it. Since they haven’t won an award for Neverland, maybe this could be the award! Just something to show that we still think they’re amazing.

If you’re interested and want to participate, maybe shoot me a message, or reblog this post so the word can get out and more people can join in. Nothing’s official yet, but I think this could turn out really well!




If you would like to send something to ukiss please go to the tumblr and read the info! It doesnt have to be bought or expensive gifts. It could be letters, drawings, handmade items, or w/e that comes to your mind. Anyone can participate especially International fans! We got to show UKISS that they’re loved everywhere!


Here’s the official tumblr page: http://ukissfangift.tumblr.com/post/11380925867/u-kiss-fan-gift