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U-KISS’ comeback has long been anticipated especially in Korea after touring in Japan for so long. ‘DoraDora’ /도라도라 as described by Kevin means ‘Crazy Crazy’, their MV for ‘DoraDora’ has yet to be  released but that’s what fans are all feeling from this tension to listen to their Korean Comeback. Earlier this week their 6th mini-album was leaked across the internet. Thus making it harder for possible sales of the album via i-tunes.Although the songs are available for download (i-tunes) it is only so for those who PURCHASE the album. Everyone if you want to listen to it, buy it LEGALLY via i-tunes or the album. By downloading unofficially sourced copies of the media you are not supporting the group’s comeback, but merely creating a void in sales. Please purchase this album to further their position on the music charts, and show your never-ending love as a KISSme. To show respect to the U-KISS members and their media companies I will NOT post the links of their songs.

Earlier Eli posted via twitter of U-KISS’ anticipated comeback, while on their way to Japan to perform on their first comeback stage for M!Countdown.

The wait is OVER (pending where your at)! Listen to the songs U-KISS worked so hard to produce from their 6th mini-album Korean comeback! Get your mouses ready to download your copy of their mini-album ‘DoraDora’ via i-tunes here:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/doradora-ep/id522014668


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