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U-KISS talks about their Charm of their new song & New Years resolutions

The 7 member male Korean group “U-KISS”, who debuted in Japan on December 14th 2011 with their single “Tick Tack”, revealed their aspirations for 2012.

The members promoted the charm of “Tick Tack” in Japanese.
Hoon (21) said, “It’s cool, it’s a really enjoyable song. Since the lyrics are a bit sad, when I sung it, I’m really sad” and showed an eager face, Kevin (21) said, “I think that “Tick Tack“‘s dance performance is the coolest!”, and fully conveyed his thoughts.

They put up an objective of raising their level of recognition in 2012.
Dongho (18) said, “I want us to appear in commercials, and I want to meet all the fans even more”, Kevin said, “I want us to appear in events and television programs. In variety programs and dramas too! We’ll do our best!”, and was fully motivated.

From March 2nd, their tour, “U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012” that includes 6 places in Japan, will start. Leader Soohyun (23) called out to the fans, “Since we prepared different stages, please make sure you come”.

Original article/video from: news24.jp
Credits to: modueca @ twitter/tumblr (article) + ukiss_japaneng @ twitter/jibunrock @ tumblr (translation)
(* Only the article translation is included because it’s a [cleaned up] written version of the video)