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‘Xanderland’ officially revealed


Alexander, former member of U-KISS recently revealed his official fan-club ‘Xanderland’. It won’t be officially released until March 24, 2012, as revealed by Xander in the video he launched revealing further details. Here is a chunk of what he had to say about why he  chose ‘Xanderland’.

“I really felt I had to have something to contact you guys. You know we all need to unite together cuz there were no resources about my news you know everyone’s all scattered around;asking this,asking that no reliable resources or anything. And I wanted to contact you guys directly. So yeah it’d be good if I had a fan-club so I can contact you guys, you know I could be I could have a bunch of bias for me. Yeah I was thinking maybe we could chat and everything. Yeah this is not official and you guys have to really pay attention ‘kay cuz alot of good things, good news, and good activities will be coming up for you guys. Especially all my overseas fans.

Last but not least guys thank you so much for supporting me 감사합니다 (Kamsahamnida) all this time and I’m gonna try my best its about time for me to pay back you guys for loving me, showing so much support, all you angel babies.”

For all of you fans here is the video below of the rest of his speech. Don’t be a stranger and keep tuned in for more on Xander’s fan-club ‘Xanderland’. Let’s anticipate this event for our Xanderella, to his Xanderettes. To all of you new to this charming guy ‘Xanderella’ is coined from Xander + (cinder)ella. While Xanderettes & Xanderettos has been most commonly used for by fans to be known as ‘Fan’s of Alexander’.

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