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U-Kiss’s Dongho injures his knee before a stage performance: “Will he be OK?”

Dongho, a member of U-Kiss, who are about to release a new album, injured the cartilage in one of his knees in Osaka during dance practice. He was quickly taken to the hospital. According to the doctor, it wasn’t a serious injury, but he was put in a cast in order to protect his knee until complete recovery.

In spite of the injury, Dongho participated in the stage performance at the Fireworks Festival in Harajuku on August 6. He was unable to dance with the rest of the members, but he walked on stage according to schedule.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss plans to hold fan meetings and concerts in Korea starting from this month.

A certain source reported, “Although we are a little worried because of Dongho’s sudden injury, we plan to stick to our schedule as closely as possible.”

Source: Tvdaily