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Chance to become We Got Married fanclub staffs!

STAFF RecruitingWooJung Couple’s Staffs are NEEDED!

Hello people, it is belle here, the manager of We Got Married fan club. ^^

Are you interested to become We Got Married Staffs?

Now I am looking for staffs that could help me active the news for WooJung Couple (Lee Jang Woo & Ham Eunjung).



I need staffs that are efficienteffective and of course always active in KOREA.COM

What staffs need to do:
- post news about the particular couple / individually (must contain sources, credit)
- share videos about the couples (must contain sources, credit)
- share photos about the couples and etc (must contain sources, credit)
*anything that are related to the couples..


Application Form


1. Which fanclub are you applying for?: We Got Married
2. Which role do you apply (Staff) : SoJoon (WonHyun) Couple
3. Name:
4. Age:
5. Nationality:
6. Active period during a day:
7. Email:
8. Korea.com ID:
9. Facebook Link:
10. Briefly explained what you will do after you become a staff



These can be some examples of your proof:


- Your current or prior experience in participating in other fanclubs


- Show your plan on how you can make your fanclub super-active


- If you’re currently managing a fanclub, you’re welcomed



Please join the We Got Married fanclub before you apply for the staff ^^



After you had fill in the application form, please private message me to my en.korea.com inbox. Then I will reply you within 24 hours~ ^^


Select “We Got Married” fanclub >> “see details” >> “Manager” >> “private message“ 





Thank You and Good Luck peeps ^^


Have a nice day !!




Posted by belle @en.korea.com