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f(x) Victoria revealed her dreams and unique love towards exotic foods

【120711】f(x) Victoria revealed her dreams and unique love towards exotic foods 

On the July 11th broadcast of MBC Radio Star, f(x) Victoria shared out her dreams and extraordinary love towards exotic foods.

Starting a bakery is my ultimate dream. It will be different from other bakeries.”, she stated. “I would like a bakery with a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a buffet all in one,” she continued. “I would serve Korean food, Chinese food, and more so that whoever drops in can enjoy their meal.”

When asked about the group’s profits, Victoria looked a bit upset as she said, “I save it all in a bank here in Korea, because of the exchange rates…

Moreover, she also shared out her interest on certain foods.

I like Korean dwenjang (soybean paste) soup as well as CheongGukJang (often nicknamed ‘dead body soup’ because of it’s odor).” Then she added on that she even eat pig’s intestines and hongeo (fermented skate) and which shocked the emcees.

2PM Nichkhun who was another guest on the show, however, had a bit of a weaker stomach. “I can’t eat things like CheongGukJang and pig intestines,” he said.

Robert Holley, a Westerner who well-adapted himself to Korean culture long ago was able to relate with Victoria. “Fermented Skate is delicious when wrapped,” he said. “The smell isn’t great, but it cures your cold right away.”

Victoria was then asked if she also eats chicken feet, and she gave yet another shocking response. “I actually love chicken brains,” she said. “There’s not much quantity, but it tastes like delectable tofu. I also like fish eyes and cow tongue.”




Source: Segye & SportsSeoul

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