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Oh Yeon Seo is joining We Got Married

Oh Yeon Seo recently finished her first filming for the show and will appear on air for We Got Married in September. She will be transitioning from her “nation’s sister-in-law” image from her role in the drama ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly‘ to “nations’s daughter-in-law” in ‘We Got Married’.

Oh Yeon Seo has been gaining popularity through her role as Bang Mal Sook in her latest drama as the youngest daughter of a bakery shop owner and the love interest of Cha Se Kwang (CNBLUE‘sMinhyuk).

A representative of ‘We Got Married’ stated, “It’ll be fun for the viewers to compare her role in the drama to the image she’ll show through ‘We Got Married’. Viewers will also get a chance to see the real nature of Oh Yeon Seo.



Source: Sports Korea 

Posted: PicklesB