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Park So-Hyun took photo with SNSD Taeyeon, SeoHyun and Sooyoung

Park So-Hyun updated her twitter no longer ago, while also uploaded her photo with SNSD members.

Park So-Hyun: 박소현의 러브게임 소녀시대 태연 서현 수영 함께요!!보라 아니예요 모두 생얼이라ㅠㅠ 

[Rough Trans]

Park So-Hyun —- Love Game

With SNSD Taeyeon SeoHyun Sooyoung together now! All no makeup ㅠㅠ

*although all without make up, but they still look nice   ㅠㅠ 




Credit: Park So-Hyun’s twitter

Posted: belle @KOREA.COM