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SNSD SeoHyun and Taeyeon’s dangerous boys show favoritism, humiliating SeoHyun

During the January 8th broadcast of JTBC ‘Girls‘ Generation and the Dangerous Boys‘, GirlsGeneration‘s Seohyun was humiliated by ‘dangerous boy’ Hwae Hoon.

On this day, the dangerous boys were given the task of creating a Christmas tree and writing a card to their Girls’ Generation mentor.

The members of Girls’ Generation looked surprised as soon as they saw the tree. When the boys revealed that they had also written the girls Christmas cards, the members showed aegyo and asked the boys to read the letters to them.

Eventually, one by one, the boys read the letters they had written for their mentors. In particular, Hwae Hoon kept glancing over at Seohyun as he read his letter to her. However, after he had read Seohyun’s letter and it was his turn to read his letter to Taeyeon, Hwae Hoon turned bright red and didn’t know what to do. He started off by reading Taeyeon’s card, beginning, “To Taeyeon noona, a natural goddess noona” – surprising Seohyun by his favoritism towards Taeyeon.

Seohyun compared, “From the first line, I’m just Seohyun noona, but Taeyeon unnie is a natural goddess?”

Hwae Hoon continued, “I like Seohyun noona, too, but I think I like Taeyeon noona more.” Seohyun tried to play it cool, stating, “That can happen. Since he’s only human.”

Hwae Hoon finished off, reading, “When I look at you, noona, I feel like I’m looking at the sun.” – causing the members to cringe at the cheesiness of his letter.

But then, Sooyoung revealed, “He didn’t read the last line” – putting out her hand, asking for the card. Hwae Hoon defended himself, “It’s the same” – hiding the card. Sooyoung stated, “No. I have to see it”– demanding Hwae Hoon to show her the card.

Eventually, Hwae Hoon read the ending, stating, “Being too pretty is cheating. Red card” – causing Taeyeon to burst out in laughter. YoonA joked with Hwae Hoon, saying, “You get a red card”. Seohyun showed her disappointment, saying, “I’m hurt. I’m not going to call you.”



Source: TV Daily

Posted: belle @KOREA.COM