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The behind-story of Lee Jang Woo and Kim Sun Ah’s bed scene

Actor Lee Jang Woo discussed the behind-story about the “bed scene” with actress Kim Sun Ah.

On June 15th, an interview with the cast was posted on MBC‘s ‘I Do I Do‘s homepage. One question in particular referred to the “bed scene” that took place early on during the drama. Lee Jang Woo began his answer saying, “In the script, the bed scene was an extremely simple one.”

But when I was talking with Sun Ah nuna, and the director, we realized the importance of this scene and compared to what people consider a bed scene these days, we felt that it was too weak… We asked ourselves how this scene could even be considered a bed scene in this generation.”

The actor continued, “A lot of the lines and situations were made up during the shoot. We went with a very different flow than what was in the script,” revealing that the struggle in bed between the two, which occurred while trying to reach for their clothes, had been implemented at the time of the shoot.



Source: Nate 

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