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WooJung/Campus Couple Episode 50 (GIFs)



GIF’s credits: Tumblr users



PLEASE! DO NOT hate this couple for behaving like kids with the TeukSo Couple in this episode. I think they’re just really being playful. Please DO NOT misunderstand them. :( I like TeukSo Couple just like you guys but I also love this couple. I think this season of WGM was really great. The stories are very unique. So please, don’t take the episode personally. Do not hate and DO NOT BASH the couple. In my opinion, they made WGM really interesting. I’m sure you’re all excited to see who gets the camping car and the dimples house because of the game that they started. Right? So once again, PLEASE DO NOT HATE THIS COUPLE.

Let’s all just keep supporting We Got Married. Okay? :)