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Eunjung prepared couple rings but forced to undergo training

Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo, the new couple of We Got Married, met for the first time. The episode of We Got Married that aired on the 9th showed their first time meeting.

Lee Jang Woo invited Eunjung to a small theater and when Eunjung arrived, the lights turned off and music started to play. Eunjung followed Lee Jang Woo’s voice up to the stage and sat down as instructed.

Lee Jang Woo asked if he was being rude on the first date and she said that she likes things like this. Hyomin of T-ara said “Eunjung loves romantic events.”

Eunjung said “I prepared something for the person that would be my husband. I also wrote things down to do with my boyfriend” and passed him couple rings and a letter.

On the letter were things that she wanted to do with her boyfriend such as “taking professional photos and hanging it up on the walls” “delivering late night snacks” and “going on trips with mother and father in law.” Lee Jang Woo said that he need tasty food and is very sensitive when it comes to food. Eunjung replied, “I can make anything well.”

They soon found out that Lee Jang Woo is an alumni of Eunjung’s university. When they found out, Eunjung bowed to him and Lee Jang Woo started to train her as an underclassman. Lee Jang Woo held a welcoming party for her and Eunjung was forced to dance on stage

Source Via : Newsen
Credits: askactor