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What is Yonghwa planning to give Seohyun as his last present?

The beloved ‘Yongseo couple‘ will officially be ending their marriage on MBC’s “We Got Married 2” through the upcoming final episode.

Their last day was divided into two parts, and in the previous episode, the couple received the mission to ‘present the happiest day to one another’. Yonghwa and Seohyun agree to go back to where they first met, and relived their memories by visiting the MBC lobby as well as CNBLUE’s practice room.

When they were in the practice room, Seohyun presented Yonghwa with a special surprise! She had practiced arduously to learn more guitar chords so that she could sing and perform their ‘banmal song’. Yonghwa smiled as he listened to his wife shyly sing and play for him.

But what about Yonghwa’s gift for Seohyun?

The CNBLUE star will present his surprise gift for his wife in the upcoming episode. It’s hinted that the gift will be a combination of things that represent Yonghwa’s regret for not doing some things for Seohyun.

Further details will definitely be covered as MBC airs the ‘goguma’ couple’s final episode on April 2nd.

Source: Hankyung.com via Nate