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Yongseo couple travels to Busan to meet Yonghwa’s mother

On this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the Yongseo couple of CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun traveled via train to the Korean coastal port city of Busan. The couple traveled there to visit Yonghwa’s mother.

On the way there, Seohyun practiced Busan’s satoori and Seohyun seemed a bit nervous on the prospects of visiting her mother in law. Yonghwa also gave Seohyun a present of red glasses, he stated that she can look similar to him if she wore the glasses. Seohyun was thankful for the gift but retorted that she doesn’t really look good wearing glasses. Yonghwa also mentioned that a few years ago he saw Seohyun wearing a similar red frame glasses while she was reading a book and he hasn’t forgotten about that look. When Seohyun finally wore the glasses, Yonghwa stated that she looked good. Seohyun requested a mirror and Yonghwa replied that she could use his eyes as mirrors.

When the couple finally met Yonghwa’s mother, many fans were surprised to see that Yonghwa’s mother was so beautiful and elegant. Yonghwa’s mother was quite happy to see Seohyun and held her hand while walking to the car before they head to a restaurant. Yonghwa’s mother also stated that Seohyun needed some work on her satoori. Check out the episode below!

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Photo credit: My스타뉴스