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[Birthday Talk] Sohee on Nate Interview [120627]

[Birthday Talk] Sohee says “Korean seaweed soup on my birthday would be the most pleasant present.”


27th of June, this date could be just one of ordinary days to someone but to Sohee (wondergirls) it is her one and only birthday. Because Sohee, who was loved by the whole nation with the title of ‘Korea’s little sister’, is turning into 21 years old (in Korea) this year, an interview was conducted to celebrate her birthday.

As a member of the Wonder Girls, Sohee has been so busy promoting for their new album released ‘Wonder Party’ which includes the title song, Like This. Due to her overseas schedules, the interviewer could not carry out the interview face to face but it was still possible to hear from her. (prepared questions were sent and the answered were completed by Sohee).

Q. You are the birthday girl. Give a short speech to people who wish you a happy birthday?

A: “Rather than receiving heaps of presents, having many people to celebrate with and realizing that there are lots of people wishing me a happy birthday made me happier. I see many people wishing me a blessing birthday and I am truly thankful to them. I am really happy.”

Q. You are now officially an adult. Do you notice any changes?

A: “I’m not sure. Maybe becoming more responsible? I guess there are some changes around me such as…alcohol, clubs, access to restricted movies, etc? Haha.”

Q. What are your thoughts on ageing?

A: “I would prefer to be nineteen. Haha. However, getting old is a natural thing so I don’t  care have a lot of thoughts about it.”

Q. Do you know anything about your TAEMONG (a dream of forthcoming conception)?

A: I was told that a snake was in the dream.

Q. What were the most memorable birthday and special present for you?

A: “The birthday that I had on my nineteenth, it was the most memorable and the most special present that I had, it was the seaweed soup that my family cooked for me. No matter what age I am turning into, a bowl of seaweed soup on my birthday always is the best present.”

Q: Any present that you would like to receive this year? Winning the first place? Boyfriend?

A: “Everything that was just listed before would be great. Haha.”

Q: Do you remember your birthday wish when you were a kid? Did it came true?

A:” It’s a secret. And the wish had come true already.”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to thank on your birthday?”

A: “My family. I am the youngest in the family but I never do any aegyo (acting cutesy and being winsome). I feel sorry for them.”

Q. Something to say to Ahn Sohee for her birthday?



Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20120627n00086

Trans by : 선미네쌀국수집 (원더걸스 월드) + Wonderfuls Cafè