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Girl Groups Ranking By Netizens

Back in February, a netizen created a ranking of girl groups and posted it on a community board, attracting much hot attention from fans. With many girl groups making comebacks recently in the past three months, netizens were at it again by creating an updated ranking of girl groups. With some girl groups achieving a hit with their recent comeback, they were able to move up in ranking, while others fell back due to unsuccessful comebacks. Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 still retained their positions as the queens of K-Pop by remaining at the ”insurmountable 4D wall (on another level)”. T-ara, KARA, and Wonder Girls remained at the level for popularity in ‘Japan and Korea’. However, f(x) dropped to the lower level of only being popular domestically, joining  Brown Eyed Girls and miss A. The netizen had noted that the members’ individual activities accomplished little for f(x), most likely affecting teamwork and possibly decreasing their ranking. SISTAR rose to join the domestically popular groups with their successful comeback of “Alone” as they had dominated the music charts and placed first place on music shows in only two weeks. 4minute, who made a comeback at the same time as SISTAR dropped from its ranking in the “High Class” level. Due to their untimely comeback, 4minute was hurt in popularity, leaving only Secret and After School at the “High Class” level. While A Pink, Girls’ Day, and Dal Shabet retained its rising popularity rank, Rainbow dropped to the lowest ranking as their domestic activities did not achieve much success, leaving their domestic popularity worrisome. However, Nine Muses was able to join the rising popularity level with their success from “News” and “Ticket“. Do you agree with the updates on the ranking?

Credit: Allkpop