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Sohee is forever beautiful

Group Wonder Girls member Sohee‘s growth process is drawing the attention of the netizens.

Recently on an online community board, several photos of Sohee were posted documenting the growth process of Sohee throughout the years.

The photos posted show Sohee’s photos in chronological order from her childhood to as recently as when she was promoting ‘Be My Baby.’ If you look at the photos closely you’ll notice the only difference really is the makeup and other than that she hasn’t changed at all.

There is however one thing that has changed a lot and that is her cola bottle shape body. Sohee has an amazingly thin waist but all the while maintaining the womanly curves, thus the nickname ‘cola bottle shape body.’

Netizens commented on Sohee’s growth photos, “That’s why they say natural beauty never fades”, “She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now”, “She grew up into a beautiful woman~ I think she’ll become even more beautiful from now on”, and so on.

Wonder Girls have recently filmed a TV advertisement for a Japanese cosmetic brand and they are currently in Korea preparing their first American full length album.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Credit: JJ of KpopFever