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Wonder Girls snap a fun photo backstage with Akon

The Wonder Girls have revealed a new group photo taken with their latest collaboration artist, hip hop and R&B musician Akon!

On July 22nd, Sohee shared on her Twitter, “with Akon. Sorry, Sunye unni. Kiki.”

The group decided to use a choreography point from their collaboration track, “Like Money“. Unfortunately for Sunye, it seems she lost the timing for the photo and is seen staring at the floor while everyone else stares brightly at the camera.

Netizens commented, “What’s Sunye doing by herself?”, “Sunye’s so cute with the mistiming”, “The Wonder Girls are now world stars!”, and “Akon has such a fatherly smile”.

The Wonder Girls and Akon recently performed at the ‘Green Groove Festival 2012‘. Akon will be joining the girls on their upcoming American promotions.

Source + Photos: Sohee’s Official Twitter
Credit: Allkpop