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Wonder Girls Sub-unit Soon?

Wonder Girls‘ Yenny shared her thoughts regarding potential unit group activities on the June 9th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘.

The girls held a brief interview with ‘Entertainment Relay’ and discussed their comeback title track “Like This” as well as information regarding unit group activities.

The reporter asked, “With unit groups such as TaeTiSeo and many others being the trend, do you guys have any plans on being active in a unit group?

To this, the girls each selected the member they wish to be in a unit group with. Yenny selected Yubin and explained, “I want to be in one with Yubin unnie. She’s the most mature member,” causing the other members to explode in laughter.

She added, “Truthfully speaking, we’ve never attempted in doing a sexy concept so I’d like to try it once together with her.”

In addition, Yubin and Lim selected each other to form a ‘rap duo’ unit.

Which unit group would you like to see from the Wonder Girls?

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate ||  Allkpop