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Wonder Girls to receive Hangul Smart Domain

Hangul Smart Domain Organization, an organization that provides URL addresses in hangul, recently launched an online poll, taking place from May 3rd to May 11th.  The site listed ten girl groups including: Girls’ Generation, Kara, Wonder Girls, 4minute, Secret, T-ara, Sistar, Miss A, 2NE1, and After School.  The poll has finally been closed and the results for the most popular girl goup, picked by netizens are finally here.

23,274 people participated in this event.  Girls’ Generation took most of the pie, as they collected 48.22% of the total votes.  Kara came in second with 30.17% while Wonder Girls took third with 11.09%.  The rest of the groups received very little votes compared to the top three.  The results were: 4minute (3.82%), Secret (2.01%), T-ara (1.92%), Sistar (0.84%), Miss A (0.69%), 2NE1 (0.66%), and After School (0.53%).

As a result, Girls’ Generation, Kara, Wonder Girls and their fan clubs will be among the first in the world to receive the Hangul smart domain in the address of ‘http://소녀시대.홈’”, ‘http://카라.홈’ ‘http://원더걸스.홈’ (각 홈페이지연결), ‘http://소녀시대.팬’, ‘http://카라.팬’, ‘http://원더걸스.팬’.

Hangul Smart Domain also plans to hold an online poll with boy groups as well.

Do you agree with the polls results?

Source + Photos: Naver

Credit: AllKpop