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Wonder Girls will be promoting in the US in addition to Japan

In addition to their activities in Japan, Wonder Girls will also be promoting in the US.

A JYP representative recently informed XportsNews through a phone interview, “We are pl

anning to push ahead with Wonder Girls’ US promotions very soon.”

Wonder Girls debuted in Japan on July 26th with a showcase in the local area. In the first we
ek, the girls charted at the #14 spot on the Oricon, and sold 7,460 copies of their album. Considering they are one of the hottest girl groups in Korea, these numbers fell short of everyone’s expectations.

In regards to this, the JYP representative remarked, “We did not go to Japan because we wanted to broaden our territory. We simply wanted to better communicate with our fans.”

Wonder Girls’ member Yubin also remarked in an interview this past June, “We did not go to Japan to hit #1 on the Oricon, we just wanted the fans to hear our songs.”

After wrapping up their Japanese ‘JYP Nation’ performance July 18th and 19th, the girls will embark on their US promotions. As of now, they do not have specific plans for an independent concert in Japan.

In related news, the Japanese fans have high expectations of Wonder girls, calling them the ‘girl group pioneers’. One media outlet even reported that they are ‘convinced that Wonder Girls will be successful’.

Member Yenny also displayed ambition for their Japanese promotions, as she previously remarked at the girls’ Japanese showcase, “We had no problem adjusting to the culture and food overseas in the US. Japan is much closer to home, and we will be able to adjust much easier. I would like to hold an independent concert here.”

Source & Image : XportsNews via Nate
credit: allkpop