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Wonder Girls’ Yenny Cheers for Best Friend Park Tae Hwan

Wonder Girls’ Yenny rooted for Olympic swimmer Park Tae Hwan, whom she was once involved in love rumors with, before his game through Twitter.

On July 28, Yenny tweeted, ‘Going to sleep after watching [Park] Tae Hwan’s finals. Let’s all cheer for him together’. The two are known to be close friends, so close that they were once rumored to be in a relationship. The two 1989-borns had said that they’re “friends who support each other” after the rumors broke.

Netizens replied, ‘Guess the two are still close’ and ‘Proud he got a silver medal’.

Armed with Yenny’s support, Park Tae Hwan won the silver medal in the 400m freestyle race held on July 29 despite the disqualification fiasco that hit him after the preliminaries. The gold medal went to China’s Sun Yang.

Source: Enewsworld