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Chance to be a Staff of WONDER GIRLS fanclub !! [ASAP]



Korea.com is offering you a chance to be a voluntary staff of Wonder Girls  fanclub and this is your chance to become part of Korea.com!

The staff’s roles are:
1. Designing & decorating fanclub
2. Editing articles
3. Communicating with fans
4. Co-working with Manager


PLEASE READ anything on this notice.

First, this fanclub needs designers/graphic artists. We need someone who can make good headers for this fanclub that can help attract users to join on this fanclub.

Second, this fanclub needs writers. We need someone who can make articles about the latest news about our Wonder Girls, articles that are properly sourced and can attract readers. We need writers from different parts of the world, since we knew that the Wonder Girls travel from South Korea to America and vice versa, and news might come out on American time or Asian time.

Third, this fanclub needs editors. Anyone can make an article here, but en.Korea.com have standards that we should follow, so we should have someone that will edit improper articles.

Fourth, this fanclub need translators. We knew that the Wonder Girls are from South Korea, so we definitely have someone that can help us translate from Korean to English.

The Wonder Girls fanclub needs the following: one designer, two or three writers, two editors, and at least one translator. If you feel you are eligible for the position, apply now.

Fill up this form:

1. Which fanclub are you applying for?:
2. Which role do you apply(Graphic Designer, Writer, Editor, Translator)?:
3. Name:
4. Age:
5. Nationality:
6. Active period during a day:
7. Email:
8. Korea.com ID:
9. Twitter Link:
10. Facebook Link:
11. Your blog address(if any):
12. Proof (how well you can do it):

And email it to me: WGKorea.com@gmail.com or send it through private message with the subject “Staff Application”. You can also contact me here or here for your inquiries.


You need to be a member of the fanclub before you apply. You will be given a trial period to prove that you are capable for the position. Those who are residing in the US or Korea are preferred.