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[PROJECTS] Current: Queen Yenny’s 24th Birthday Project

(click picture for complete details; also they will be reproducing SMILE YENNY shirts)



Hey everyone!

Sun Ye Wedding Wellwishes Project

So the holidays are over and Sun Ye’s wedding is very near. We would love to organize a simple wellwishes project for her~

For this, we basically just want to collect a box of letters from Wonderfuls around the world to send to her for her wedding, similar to what we did for our condolences project for her. She has already expressed hopes that people will be supportive of the union, so let’s all join in and tell her how excited we are for her!
All you need to do for this is write a simple letter to Sun Ye and mail it to our spectacle project account at wgspecproject at gmail.com.The email should be titled “Sun Ye Project” so we don’t filter it out as spam. Please attach your letter saved as a word document (.doc) or text (.txt) file. Also please put your spectacle username somewhere in the body of the email to be entered to win the CD.

Nice things to mention in your letter:

  • Your name
  • Where you are from, she would love to see international fans!
  • How happy you are for her (BE POSITIVE!)

Try to keep the letter at one page so it can fit nicely in an envelope for the box. We got hundreds of condolences letters for Sun Ye, and it would be amazing if we could get that many letters of congratulations, too!
To kick it up a notch, if we get over 100 letters for this, all those submitting a letter of congratulations will be entered to win an autographed copy of Wonder World! So let’s all be positive and tell our congrats to Sun Ye!



* Send a message to Sohee for Wonder Girls’ 6th Anniversary! Email to Ahnbabygirl@naver.com! Deadline: Jan 18


 A Blessed Wedding Project for Sun & James

Hi Everyone!

As we might have already know by now,  come January 26th 2013, our beloved Sunye will start a new path in her life – that is, forming a blessed new family through rightful marriage with the man of her heart.

click the picture above for complete details :)


Hi mandufuls,

Sohee Birthday is coming up in one month time, As you guys remember that last year we guy together made a nice ‘Magical Mandu Dream House Box’! as a project for sohee on her birthday.http://ohmysohee.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/update-sohee-tweeted-our-birthday-project-to-her/

(click the picture for complete details)