• jinni posted an update from jangkeunsuk 3 years, 3 months ago

    should be studying for my exam in a few hours… but watching Love Rain live instead teehee

    • first must watching Love Rain then studying
      hehehehe… :p

    • @finafaustina i’m going watch it at least two or three more times before today ends for me.
      version no subs or limited subs in the early morning, chinese subs at some time near afternoon, english subs before midnight. this is my usual schedule for Monday and Tuesday haha xP and then i of course i re-watch again the next day when DF subs come out.

      I get up at 4 am to get ready, and then I turn on the computer to watch LR’s live broadcast. i am now writing up my post about the screenshots.

      hopefully, i can finish before going out the door. i planned to leave earlier so that i can arrive on campus to study a little bit and get calm before the exam.