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[NEWS] Viewers surprised by Yoo Seung Ho’s intense kiss scene

Actor Yoo Seung Ho and his co-star Park Eun Bin‘s kiss scene is turning the heads of its viewers.

On the 8th, an episode of Tv Chosun‘s ‘Project Propose‘ ended with a preview for the episode set to air on the 11th.

The preview showed the two stars having fun at Jeju Island. Yoo Seung Ho was shown drying Park Eun Bin‘s wet hair with a towel which depicted his romantic side, ringing the hearts of many female viewers.

The preview also featured their kiss scene. Yoo Seung Ho approaches Park Eun Bin laying down on the floor and kisses her. Park Eun Bin hugs him closer during the kiss. Then the camera view zooms in closer to them, showing their deeper-than-expected kiss.

Although both of the stars are legal adults, it was a little difficult for the viewers to witness the kiss because of Yoo Seung Ho‘s strong image as a cute boy.

The viewers reacted to the somewhat shocking preview with, “That’s a really deep.. kiss scene“, “I can’t believe they’re already doing this kind of kiss!“, “They’re both adults so it’s ok“, “Why is my heart beating?“, and “I’ve seen different kiss scenes but my heart is beating because Seung Ho is doing it.”

Source+Picture: Star News via Sports Josun

Credit: Allkpop

Shared by: Hallyu Entertainment News