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ZE:A ‘Thanks To’ Messages for Lovability Album Translated

ZE:A’s 1st full length album was released not too long ago, and their album has been receiving much attention and love from fans. Of course, the members of ZE:A have their own words of thanks to say to people who have helped them in a way or another in completing this album.

Below are the translated ‘Thanks To’ words from the 9 members themselves for this album, entitled ‘Lovability’.


Ta-da~ ^^ ZE:A’s album!! It finally came out ^^ I love God for protecting me.. and the members for over a year to get here.
All that honour was given from our Lord. I’ll go to the church to pray. I’m sorry for only expressing my thankfulness through words.
And my small aunt who’s watching me from heaven… It’s been already 6 years you’re watching over me from heaven.. I still remember it 2006 June 3rd..
It’s the day where my aunt moved to heaven~ Time goes really fast right..?^^
Even now your voice and face waking me up every Sunday morning to go to the church is still vivid in my memory. Auntie was really the best preacher. ^^
Even if I met a lot of nice people in the world, no one is such an angel like you~
Every time I write a Thanks to, auntie is the first one that comes to my mind, when I’m fed up I always think about you… since you’re watching over me from heaven.
Since you always said while hugging me ‘I know everything will be alright’, even when it was hard… I’ll bear it ^^ Now is the start.
From now on if anything really hard happens, auntie please lead me… So I can endure it until the end.. ^^
Because I couldn’t come to see you often sorry.. Later on I’ll bring all my members and introduce them to you! So even in heaven don’t skip any meals!
Since you had a lot of pain in this world, don’t be hurt in heaven.. I found good people too, I found a lot of people who love me too ^^
My dad whom I respect the most even though he raised me in a scary way. I hope only good things will happen in the future~ That’s right Mrs. Heo, my mom whom I love? ^^
My grandfather whom I couldn’t see much after my birth.. Are you doing well in heaven?^^ And my only grandmother who bragged everwhere that her really really beautiful grandson came out on TV^^
Hongseonie aunt (T/N: Father side) who’s not old at all and always pretty^^ And Juhee noona I’m sorry that I couldn’t go to your wedding^^
And Moon family’s only relative Sohee auntie too are you doing well? I hear all the prayers that my grandmother (T/N: Mother side) in heaven does for me^^
May handsome grandfather (T/N: Mother side) be always healthy^^ You’re happy because your grandson came out on TV right? Big uncle, big aunt, cuties Heyoungie, Yeyoungie, small uncle, even if I’m away from you don’t be sad.
Wherever you are, are you doing well Miso noona? And handsome Heossajanim who loves me a lot! My youngest uncle, the voluptuous beauty my youngest aunt,
My cute dongsaengs Jihyunie, Songyoonie, my big uncle, Jaehyungie hyung, Kanghoonie, my small uncle, my small auntie, Junhaengie who has a really personnal name, Daehaengie ^^
My Yoonsook auntie, you know that I’ll be always thankful right? I love you ^^ Juhee auntie too, are you doing well? And handsome Seungsun hyung who’s always confident, do you know that dad always praise you a lot? ^^ You’re jjang (T/N: the best) indeed~
I was really shocked to become a celebrity… we’re coming back with a handsome image… Fighting to Hwang Jisun who waited for the ComeBack! Show us Songpa’s strength,
My matchless friends.. who bragged about going to the army before me ^^
Sanggi, Hangeul, Doyeob, Hangeul, Jungmin, Haechan, Sanghyun, Taeho, Jaehan, Inju, Jinyoung, Gibun, Yeonju, Sangwon, thank you, it’s all because of you if I’m confident ^^
Lastly ZE:A members who were brothers to me, the only son, and my wives I love &<3 I’ll always be thankful~ Don’t cheat on us!!
Let’s run strongly in the future too, we can do it!! You and us ^^


I’d like to thank God first for allowing us to get here and to do this album. I can’t even express it with words… my father and mother whom I love.
My other half Michelle, even if you’re far away, you always support me and pray for me, I thank you for always giving me strength really… I miss you.
My aunt, uncle, Gijoonie hyung, Wooryangie, and I thank all my relatives who took care of me with their love when I went by myself in Korea.
And ma bros, you know what it is… right?? lol.
And to all the fans who love me and care for me, I sincerely thank all of you.
To everyone who gives me the infinite love that becomes my strength, I’ll give it back to you by becoming Kevin that progresses even more, and with good music and an awesome image.
With this album, let’s go on the road to progress all together~! Got it? (I learnt this..ㅋ) [T/N: He wrote it 'got it?' in internet slang that's why he's saying that]
[In English] Finally thanks to my Asia Fans out there. Really. I’m grateful to have wonderful people behind me.
Our album, it was all of you that made this come true. Thanks again for your love and support.
God Bless All!


Our Star Empire family!
And my beloved grandpa, grandma, parents, my only hyung (Minsik hyung, who is in the army! I miss you, fighting)
Uncle Yeonsu, uncle Kwangrak, uncle Kyungrak, auntie, auntie’s husband, Baekminnie, Minkyung noona, , uncle, aunt, Yejin, Changwoo. ^_^
And Shingal High School’s principal Shin Dongbin and my homeroom teacher, who helped me to become ZE:A (member).
And thanks to all the teachers for giving me encouragement ^__^
And my eternal friends! Yoongoo, Hyungtae, Euihyun who went to the army (I’m sorr I couldn’t call you on the day you went there, my friend…)
And Eunyeong noona, who was there for me and believed me even if I lacked so much. Jungho hyung, Narae noona, who taught me to dance during trainee days and were there for me in hard times. .
And our ZE:A!
Junyoung hyung, who is always behind us, who leads us so that we don’t fall. Thank you.
Kevin hyung, thank you for talking with me and giving me sincere advices when I was worried.
Siwannie hyung, play with me a bit~~ Thanks for showing me those fashion pics you hid and treated like your treasures.
Kwanghee hyung I love you~~ These 3 words say it all.
Heechul hyung, thanks for always playing with me! Hyung is awesome!!!
Taehun hyung, it’s ok if you take care of me a little less now! I’m 21 years old already!
Minwoo hyung, thanks for leading me well (?) when I couldn’t concentrate and I was lazy. HYUNG IS MINE!!!
Dongsaeng Dongjun-ah~~ ah~~ That’s right, you’re more like a hyung than me, so just, thank you. If you were like me, I wouldn’t be here at all~~ for protecting my place, thanks thanks
Everyone, thank you so so much for everything so far. Everyone… A lot of time passed from before the debut to now, but I’m still Hyungsik the kid~~
We released 3 single albums and the awaited full album is released too!

“Thank you” are the first words that come to my mind right now…
I’m feeling thankful again to all the people who went through hardships for us ZE:A who are still lacking.
Really that much~ ZE:A is not only 9… I learned that a lot of people are sharing the same thoughts and the same dream..
I promise once again that we will become the best. And I’ll always be thankful and sorry to our ZE:A’s!! We couldn’t show you much…
We couldn’t be together for long but, with this full album’s promotions, ZE:A will give you back, will give you back a hundred times, hundred thousands of times your love..
I’ll always love you ^^ Amd my family I love.. Gradnmother!! Grandfather!! Mom!! Dad!! Uncle!! Auntie!! Aunties [T/N: From his father side]!!
Donghyunie hyung, Sungbo hyung, Ayoung noona, Donghanie hyung, Jungbo, Jungwonie, and to my family who’s in USA too, I’ll always be thankful and love you~ Be healthy like now, and always live happily ^^
Our CEO and managers who go through a lot of hardships… You know that I’ll always be thankful right? You know that I just can’t express it!!
And hurray to our Star Empire’s hyungs and noonas! VOS hyungs, Jewelry, Inyoung noona, Jungah noona, Nine Muses, Impact, I’ll always be thankful and love you ^^
Star Empire family!! I love you all~ I’m sincere!!
And my Busan family! Gookja, Jaewoo, Chansoo, Hyunjung, Geonpyo, Gari, Geonddung, Wooyoung, Somang, Yeeun, Hanseul, Hanna, Hanyong, Mihyang, Taeyangie, Byeonggi, Baeddal, Seonwoo, Mulgae, etc, thank you!!
It’s thanks to you that I can endure everything!! Are you doing well in the army friends~ I love you! A lot of people gave me love but I’m sorry I can’t write you all~
But even so let me now about that. And finally my 8 hyungs who are all born before me~
Let’s receive a lot lot of love for a long long time with good relationships like now, while arguing, laughing and having fun~
I’m sorry to be a maknae that doesn’t look like a maknae~~~~^^ It’s my strength’s source.


It’s been a year since I’ve became a member of ZE:A.
It was my dream to be a singer, I can’t believe myself I really became one.
I am still amazed by myself and it still feels like a dream to be in this field, releasing single albums and this full album.
Because compared to my true-self I don’t think I deserve to be in such position I’m in now.
I feel so lucky to get all the opportunities – loving parents for always believing in me, loving members, loving fans and loving staffs for always being by my side.
I’m always thankful and always, in my heart, I hope we will succeed faster and greater to repay everyone.
There were times where I whined, when I wasn’t able to do it because of something.
There were a lot of troubles and complains before getting here but
I hope everyone understand that it was because of my earnest honest heart to repay everyone^^
I hope for everyone’s care in the future too~
To mom and dad who never stop trusting me – I haven’t succeed that much until now but please keep trusting me until the end.
I have faith that I will succeed and I’ll make you live in luxury in the very near time.
To Nuna who is more immature than her brother, I hope you’ll be a help to our parents too!
To my grandmothers, grandfather and all my relatives, thank you for always supporting me.
I can’t even remember how long it has been since we last met because I’m too busy. I will see you all in good health soon.
Not to forget the nine brothers!! Our members… You guys know what this album means to us, right??
I think that the happiness is here after all our hard work. Let’s finish this!
Lastly, I feel sorry to our ZE:A’S, who have been so good to us but we weren’t able to do that back!!!
I want to greet everyone one by one, listen to everyone one by one – but because of the circumstances, we are not able to do so. I always feel sorry about that.
Sometimes we look cold on the outside, but everyone knows that we always work hard to get to know each and every one of you and we are always thankful towards you, right?
Because we believe in ZE:A’s as much as you believe in us. We can even communicate just by the eye contact, right^^
Well, I hope this album will succeed as much as people who have worked hard for it.
I think it will turn out well. ZE:A fighting!


Now ZE:A’s 1st full album finally came out. There’s really a lot of people who trusted us and helped us until now…
First my grandfather who looked only at me and lived for me! My grandmother! And my father whom I love more than anyone else! My mother!
My noona, and my 6 confident princesses, my aunts who always supported me like my real mother >//<
And my little cousin Seunghyun who’s fulfilling military duty, be careful and comeback~~ And my very precious YooChanie Hyung, Ppomi >//<
And Sujinie noona, Eunbi, Hyunyoung, Hakyeonie, and teacher Inho, teacher Mijung, teacher Woojun, Jungwook, Giyeol, Junho who made me dance,
Teacher Donghoon who made me learn about music for the first time!! And Gitae, Jinwoo, Donghee, Geonwoo, Jinhoom, Hyeyin, Eunjung, Eunsun, Hyosunie, who passed their school period with me,
And my other family, ZE:A! Leader Junyoung hyung who led me to become a ZE:A member, my mentor Kevin,
Siwan hyung who always has a lot of things to teach, Kwanghee hyung who – I don’t really know what he’s thinking about- but who knows so much about reality and has many things to teach, Heechul hyung who always takes care of the dongsaengs, Chopper Taehunie hyung who loves rap and only knows the members.
And Hyungshikie my friend who I can talk to anytime, who’s always considerate and takes well the jokes.
And skillful Dongjunie, that boy from the countryside who couldn’t dance at all at first and who is now at my level, from now on let’s not fight and be together forever!!
With all the ZE:A’s!! >//< There’s a lot more people left but understand me.. please..
And I’m thankful to see that there’s people loving me like this, it’s making me even more happy!!
I’ll be Minwoo who won’t lose his original intention !! Thank you~~


Dear dad! Thanks for always watching over me. And my mom’s son, who is in Japan, is doing well, so don’t worry!
My aunt, who is always beside me, always laughs with me~~ And please tell uncle who’s in heaven now to watch over me~~
My grandmother, who’s in heaven! Your grandson grew up well and he’s receiving a lot of love from people~~ I should go to the church to pray for you but… my excuse is that I don’t have time… Even so, I always think about you, grandma, so you have to think about me a lot too!!
And my other grandmother! For making me grow up so well, thank you… I couldn’t call you… and visit you… I’m sorry!
But you have to live for a long long time in good health, grandma! I’m working hard so I will bring you luxuries, grandma. ^^
Our Heejun and Heemang… I’m sorry that I’m a hyung that lacks so much… I will buy you a lot of delicious food and nice clothes later…
I wanted to teach you only the good things but I’m sorry I couldn’t do it… I will work hard to become a hyung that you won’t be ashamed of!
Hm, my important friends… You will be discharged soon. Hyunggeol, Jungjin, Ikhyun, Taewoon, Kwanghyun, Daeyeol fighting! And discharged already Minsukie, Minhyo, Myunggyu, I hope you’ll find a nice job~~
Ah, and Yoomi, Sooeun, Sungmi, Eunji, Jiyeon, Hyun, Jooye, Dasom, Hyerin, Jin, Jinyoung, attend the school well and be be good at everything^^
And I know that there’s a lot more people that helped me and loved me… Please don’t be angry that I didn’t write your names here!
Please always let me know that you think about me! I love you and I’m thankful forever… Please, always cheer on me.
Everyone, I will become your star, that shines the most.

Dear ZE:A…
It’s been already a year since our debut, it’s been already so much since we gathered, practiced together, lived together, cried together and laughed together.
Time flies fast… I have something to say to you so I write it like that…

Firstly, to our leader Junyoung… when we first met… a lot of things happened to us, right… ha ha ha
I always hope you’ll become this cool man, who is like a father^^ I love you!

Kevin hyung!  When I first saw you, the English… I thought you’re a person who can’t lie, a true Australian citizen;
Anyway! Our Kevin hyung always sings so well and I hope that you’ll become a respected musician.

Kwanghee hyung, the crazy being! When I first saw you, it was the first time I saw a man who puts on make-up… ha ha ha So funny ha ha… I know that it’s hard for our Kwanghee hyung to make ZE:A being known to people. Now we will work (for that) hard too! I love you, forever hwaiting! I hope you will become the best variety MC.

Siwan hyung… Hyung…is very handsome, right. ha ha ha ha Now too, you’re handsome! Our ZE:A’s brain, Siwan hyung!
Because you’re always giving your best, I learn a lot. Please, always show this cool image!
When I first saw you ?????????????????????? now too ?????????????????? You’re a kid that’s impossible to read!~

To me, the kid called Taehun… is seriously so full of charms~~ You, who are the same age and rapper position as me… I hope you’ll become a songwriter, lyrics writer and music writer just as you want~~

Well~~ Next, Heechul! Kyaaa~~!! You’ve been always the best~~ a hahahaha now you’re the best too! HAHAHAHA Heechul-ah, you’re always working so hard. You must be a kid that knows how to be humble and be respected for that~~ (the best to the very core) ha ha

Next Minwoo! Minwoo-yah, when you first saw me you were like that, now too, you’re like this. I think you’re better than anyone at dancing, showing your very own charm.
Whoever you’ll become, when you show people how you dance they’ll be touched and you’ll receive a lot of love… So, let’s be strong!

Hyungsikie! Really when I first met you… first impression… a lot… we didn’t like each other. But now you became my precious dongsaeng for whom I care more than anyone! ha ha
Tall, handsome Hyungsik with the voice more beautiful than anyone! You must become a cool singer, who gives people happiness and move them to tears with your beautiful voice! Hwaiting!

Lastly, Dongjunie! When we first met… I thought you’re a sportsman… ha ha To be honest, even now I think like that a bit… Playful yet very adult-like Dongjun, who takes care of his hyungs. You’re so cool. I learnt a lot of things from you too. Become a Dongjunnie, who receives a lot of love from everyone like now, and who shows a little aegyo to his hyungs like a kid! Hyungs told you they’re always ready ha ha Thanks for being such an awesome dongsaeng^^

Well! Up to now, it was something I, Heechul, wanted to tell each member of ZE:A. Next part is for everyone~~
Let’s become a group that won’t get weary by anything, let’s think positive and let’s receive a lot of love from people!
ZE:A, I love you~~ And thanks! I Love You (I wrote it in my non-existent English… ;;;)


I owe this honor to God, who always leads me with his love, who opens roads before me, looks after me, who allowed me to become stronger, braver and wiser.
And my beloved dad, I love love love you forever. I will work harder to become even better! Dad, I love you!
Thank you for showing me how to live confidently. I will pray everyday and live to become the diligent son as you always tell me! Dad! To me, you’re the best in the world even now! I love you dad <3.
And mum! I think I could become better because you prayed for me at nights and during meals! Mum, I’m always thankful~ I like you mum~~ We should go shopping together but your son is getting busier~~ Let’s wait a bit and go on a trip together!
I like my cheerful and dignified mum~~ ha ha~~ Mum, who gave me loud voice and courage! Seems like I receive a lot of love from people thanks to my mum, who always thought positively about me! Again, thanks~~ And the bibim kuksu mum makes me is the most delicious… but… every time you make it it tastes differently! ha ha Anyway it’s all delicious! I love you mum I love you! Stay healthy!
And our dongsaeng, Inyoung-ah~~ YO~~ haha XD Is it trendy? ha Now that we’re apart I’m so bored ha ha… It’s the funniest when I play with you, right?
Anyway, seems like we’re closer to success, right? You know that we have to find a place soon and build that 3-storey house? It’s our family promise? ha ha
Let’s success quickly and decorate the house in retro style! This time I can write a long “thanks to” ha ha. But I can’t write it so it’s embarrassing, ha ha. Still, I envied your sense of responsibility, inteligence, soft voice and awesomeness since we were young. A kid with a lot of spunk ha ha. You aren’t laughing at my “thanks to”? Anyway, you and I, let’s always lead a faithful live like parents say and we too, let’s show our devotion to our parents. My pretty dongsaeng, always fighting! I’m always cheering on you! Because you’re always doing so well ha ha.
Our family! Fighting! And my beloved eldest uncle and aunt! Aunt always watches me… And the food, stew and meatballs you gave me are the best! And! Beloved eldest uncle! Your skin fragrance~ is good~ ha ha. My beloved eldest uncle, stay healthy! Eldest aunt and uncle, you can’t be sick!
I will succeed soon and send you off on a trip! Stay healthy! I love you! I love all my relatives!
This is something I’m writing for the first time, but this is a message to my beloved grandmothers, who are in heaven and whom I miss. I can feel the tears coming already! Grandma, I miss you. I didn’t have the chance to tell you about my dream but I’m working hard now! It’s because I think about grandma from time to time. I love you, grandma. I miss you. I love you!!
Lord’s beloved pastor Choi Jaebong from Ilsan church and everyone who attends the church, your prayers are a great help.
Fighting for the Ilsan church revival in 2011! Thank you, Ilsan church! And thank you all my friends! And to all those seniors around me, really thank you!
And to Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joohak, and the whole Star Empire family – great thanks. I think it’s thanks to you – Outland (for good and cool clothes), awesome hair and make-up stylists – thanks to all of you we ZE:A and Kwanghee turned out so well!
And, finally. My most important 9 brothers!
9 brothers from ZE:A were a big gift to me since I don’t have a male sibling! We’re always together, in times of hardships and in times of joy. It’s thanks to you I could do so well in 2010. It’s you who made me stand tall by your endless cheers and encouragement!
I was working hard because I had you! Finally, our efforts turned into another album! Let’s call our beloved 9 brothers’ names!
Junyoung, Kevin, Kwanghee, Siwan, Taehun, Heechul, Minwoo, Hyungsik, Dongjun, I love love love you so so so much! I’ll always pray for us, the 9 brothers. Let’s fight for 2011, we, the 9 brothers!
You do realize how much stronger we are (together)? I love you, don’t be sick! Even if I tell you that I love you hundreds of times, I still want to say it! I love you sooooooooo much!
And I’m very thankful to you. I will work harder as a singer and in variety shows in 2011. Let’s make 2011 the year of ZE:A!
Well! Everyone! While you anticipate ZE:A’s cool activities!
Everyone who read Kwanghee’s “thank to” – be happy, everyone!


During 6 years until now I ran straight while watching only one dream… I suddenly remember these 6 years I passed busier than anyone else…
The tears that flowed down without even knowing it on hard times when I walked alone along the Han river… For a long time I thought I was alone, I was really stupid…
Those who were always by my side during hard times giving me strength… those who laughed with me during happy times… those I could cry with… Those people are my members, my family, my friends and Star Empire.
And because I have my ZE:A’s wives who love me I’m really happy… My big aunt, my big uncle, and Yoonsookie noona who always give me strength, Mae hyung.
My small noona, my Yoonseobie hyung, my dongsaeng Jangeunie, I’ll always be thankful and love you. ^^
My friends Sangpal, Ddaengdo, Jihwan, Hoseong, Kyungrok, Daeeob, Yongnim, Jjong, Moonjing, Sungeun, Sanghyun, Yoonam, you really are good friends. I love you.
And my dongsaeng Sunggyeongie, thank you.^^ And my middle school teachers that I’ll never forget, Shin Sanghee teacher, I won’t ever forget teacher’s heart no matter how many years pass…
Because you cared for me as warmly as parents do, thank you… ^^ And mom I love you.
And Taewan hyung, Jino hyung, Haemyungie hyung, I’m sorry for being a dongsaeng that can’t call you often
I love you hyungnims. Thank you Hangseok teacher for always giving good advices^^ Omg I didn’t know writing thanks to was so hard…
Don’t be disappointed if your name isn’t in it please… Since you’re always in my heart… If you’re still sad, you’ll be in the next thanks to for sure!!
And our members Junyoungie, Kevinie hyung, Kwanghee hyung, Siwanie hyung, Heechulie, Minwoo, Hyungshikie, Dongjunie, I love you ^^ I really love you, now 1 year passed by…^^ Let’s go all together!!
We really prepared hard and did a lot of efforts for this first album… Give it many many listens and love it… Take care of us later on too.

Source: ZE:A’s Lovability album (thanks to akucun@EmpireChildren)