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ZE:A Kwanghee ‘Crime Squad”s cameo

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ZE:A Kwanghee, ‘Crime Squad”s cameo “The actors made me get goosebumps”

ZE:A’s ‘Plastic surgery-dol’ Kwanghee kept being on the head by Song Ilgook.

KBS 2TV ‘Crime Squad”s three main actors Song Ilgook, Song Jihyo and Lee Jonghyuk were appearing in KBS 2TV ‘Yeoyoumanman’ that was broadcasted on the 4th.

ZE:A’s Kwanghee made a cameo in ‘Crime Squad’. Kwanghee was playing the role of an idol being brought to the police station and was hit on the head by Song Ilgook.

Kwanghee who challenging acting stated “I saw the actors for the first time and I got goosebumps. At first they were laughing and chatting but then they suddenly became someone else even when it’s only the rehearsal. They litterally enter into the character”

He added “Because I was still lacking on that point I kept on laughing. I learnt it”. Kwanghee who was already Song Ilgook’s fan even took a souvenir selca with Song Ilgook.

The selca mentionned:

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Source: TV Report + Star Today (Selca)
Translation Credits: BGSS2_Maknae @ Empire Children