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Lee Joon’s Diary, ‘I don’t have Twitter’

2010.10.29 금 04:15저 트위터 안합니다 .
제이름으로된 트위터는 사칭입니다 .
트위터할줄모르는데 착잡하네요
이준은 미니홈피밖에 할줄모르는사람입니다 .
트위터를 배우는대로 할것입니다 .

2010.10.29 Fri 04:15
I don’t have Twitter .
The Twitter with my name is an impersonation .
I don’t know how to use Twitter, it’s complicated
Lee Joon is a person who doesn’t know anything else besides a mini homepage .
I will learn about Twitter .

SOURCE: Joon’s Cyworld

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