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Evidence of T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied is detected

Evidence of T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied was recently detected and attracting a lot of attention.

On July 29, some captured pictures of T-ara members appearing on a show was uploaded an online community board under the title of “Evidence of T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied.”

The captured pictures are from KBS 2TV’s Star Life Theater – T-ara, which aired from July 9 to 13. They’re attracting a lot of attention because they seem to back up the rumor that Hwayoung is being bullied by other T-ara members.

In one of the episodes, all T-ara members are raising their hands, shouting, “Start the show!” At the moment, Hyomin pokes Hwayoung’s eye and Hwayoung knits her brows, feeling pain.

Besides, when Hwayoung reads a book in a car, one of the crew members asks her, “Do you like to read?” and Jiyeon says, “She’s pretending now because there’s a camera. I’ve never seen her reading a book before.” Soyeon also gives a candy to Hwayoung to eat, saying she dropped it before.

Hwayoung also says, “There are many things I cannot even tell my mom,” in tears when she sees her sister Hyoyoung, a member of Five Dolls.

People responded: “That’s too much.” “It’s good that evidence is found.” “It’s too early to accuse them of bullying Hwayoung just with the scenes.” “We need some explanations from you about this.”

Kim Kwang Soo, a CEO of T-ara’s agency, recently attracted attention by saying he will make an important announcement on July 30.

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