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[EXCLUSIVE] Catching Up with the AZIATIX in Singapore!

If it isn’t the trio who has been on a journey, and literally on a journey for possibly a goal to tour the world for their showcases in 80 days, the trio composed of Jay Flowsik Pak, Nicky Lee and Eddie Shin, produced by ASTAR’s Jae Chong, is back in Singapore for the effervescent, hype-making MAMA 2011 in Singapore!

Korea.com’s journo Rice once again caught up with them in between their relaxed and busy time for a chat. And as usual, they are the most approachable, down to earth, and rowdy group as fun as it can get.

Previously the night on 27 November 2011, they held a free (yes, no entry fee believe me) 30-minute showcase, started on the dot at St. James Powerhouse Station. Singing out from their latest Nocturnal album, it was a new experience and performance compared to the slightly smaller repertoire during Music Matters 2011.



The performance, started at 10PM as stated on Facebook and Twitter, on-time at the Dragonfly St. James Powerhouse Station

Having to have a few minutes to spare, we’ve caught up with the boys – or men, now ‘all grown up’ from in terms of their musical aesthetics, lyrics, and of course, physical appearance. Flowsik has been immensely different with his new lean-looking body, and seen to have jogged on the Marina Bay Sands treadmill about 10PM on his Twitter yesterday. Nicky has just celebrated his birthday in two places, and a recent gift from AZIADDICTS SG fans to have given him a birthday cake. Whereas Eddie, recently celebrated his birthday last November 20th, caused a small stir among Twitters to have his tresses even more perfect than ever, bouncing along during the performance.

And with just hours away from the biggest event of the year in the K-Pop industry, The Mnet Asian Music Awards which they’re here for and to flaunt themselves on the red carpet, here we are chatting away at Fuse Bar, Marina Bay Sands.

You guys are back and going with your latest, biggest venture, the 2nd EP, Nocturnal. How long did it take to wrap things up?

Nicky: It was a few months. It was very fast, we always feel like we have to work on new songs. Nocturnal… we were in the studio and saying “hey, let’s work on a song,” which truthfully I’d have to say I don’t know how long it took! A few days later, we’ll do another track, and it starts adding. Within a month…

Eddie: Honestly, we were also promoting our other EP track, while we were making it. So we were juggling both.

Nicky: Should we want to put it together, it was probably 2 weeks.

That’s incredibly fast! 

Eddie: [Laughs] We work really fast!


Well then, I do believe from our first interview you were telling us that the lyrics are based on personal experiences. Do tell us a one-minute heartwrenching true story for the readers!

Nicky: Hmmm. Heartwrenching story?

Of course! The lyrics this time sounds more emotional.

Nicky: Is that what you want me to do to cry throughout this interview? [Laughs] Well, Slippin’ Away (one of the tracks in the album)  is based on a true hreatwrenching story. Taken from past relationships that we’ve gone through; love that didn’t go through…

Well is that heartwrenching enough? If I were to speak more I might start crying and I wouldn’t be able to finish this interview!


Then I’d expect that the ones that has the most experience, judging on how fast you’d cry will be you, Nicky.

Nicky: I don’t know about that one, because Slippin’ Away is mostly written by Flowsik and Eddie…[ All laughs ]

Flowsik: Well I had feelings for the girl, but she didn’t have feelings for me, so I’ve poured all the stress into ‘Slippin’ Away’.

Nicky: True story, ladies. So, please, Flowsik’s heartbroken, we need some serious mending.

Don’t think you have time for that yet, since I do know you guys have been seriously busy since we’ve last met in May! In between now and then, what have you guys been really up to?

Eddie: It’s been a couple of crazy months of touring around – we started in Singapore, then Taiwan, Japan, then we had our first USA tour which lasted around two weeks. In that two weeks, we hit LA, San Diego, Minnesota, Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, so it was seriously a hectic month.

Flowsik: We’ve been touring Japan, and we’ll be going again.

Eddie: To sum up, wherever we’ve been to in the past months, we’ll be back.


Well then, how was Boston for you Eddie, since you’re back in your hometown?

Eddie: Goodness. Boston was… it was amazing. I can’t even explain how wonderful it was – I was born there, so personally it was absolutely one experience that can’t be described. There was a fan, who was 13 years old – we sang a duet together. She knew all the words to ‘Go’, and I was harmonizing along. It was great times.

That sounds fantasticly epic! Well then, since you guys have been touring around, which AZIADDICTS (their fan club name) is the most memorable so far?

Nicky: She must’ve been about 5 years old. She came with her sister and mother, at our ‘All Ages’ Concert in San Diego. She knew every word to our song. It’s a blessing for me to know that our song can be enjoyed by all ages; it really felt awesome.

Eddie: Some of our most beloved AZIADDICTS come from Singapore as well, they flew all the way to catch our show to the States to see our show in LA.


This touring you guys are always on a roll, and producer Chong being with you guys, does Baby Melody fit in your travelling wagon? 

Nicky: Baby Melody? Not yet!

Eddie: When baby Melody is about one or two years old, then she can start to hang out with us. But we are always Skyping each other, and video messaging whenever and wherever we are.


Sweetness. I assume you guys are now  in a relationship basis with her.

Nicky: Of course! We’re great uncles. We love her and she loves us. Just ask her.

Eddie: She’s the newest member of AZIADDICTS.


She should be the next AZIADDICTS of the day on Facebook! At any case, I give my respects to you guys for starting on-time last night.

Nicky: Why thank you!  But why so?

I would expect that it should be delayed or there would be a warm-up session.

Nicky: We’re very punctual… and there’s nothing else to say to that. Thank you!

Eddie: [parrots in] Thank you!


Ace. Well it’s time to answer two questions from a fan here: What are you guys doing should we visit you on a Saturday night? And do you guys enjoy Anime?

Nicky: If we’re not working?

Eddie: I’m either doing two things – playing basketball… and writing. That’s it. Oh, I do enjoy anime, such as Bleach, One Piece…

Flowsik: Dragon-Ball Z! Well, for a Saturday… probably catching a movie?


What’s the latest movie you’ve watched then, Flowsik?

Flowsik: That would be … Planet of the Apes. Well, not in the movie theatre however. I watched it on the plane.


Final words on MAMA: It’s the red carpet tomorrow, what have you guys prepared for it or your Coordi-nuna? What are you guys going to wear?

Nicky: You know what, I’m going to say this to all the ladies and gentlemen out there that Flowsik and Eddie always looks amazing.

Eddie:So does Nicky – he always looks amazing too!

Nicky: We got something different this time, than our usual Aziatix gear. We’ve prepared something rather special, and especially Flowsik and Eddie here. Something different for everybody, and hope everyone will enjoy.


Sounds promising and it’s making us curious… So you guys do have something of a surprise tomorrow then!

Nicky: Definitely. Its a big honor to just be part of the MAMA. So we got something special for sure.


I seriously can’t imagine – I’d have to see myself for tomorrow which I cannot wait. So then, what’s up for you guys in the next 10 minutes?

Nicky: What are we going to do in the next 10 minutes?

Flowsik: we’re going upstairs to our room to take a rest…

Nicky: Close our eyes for five, and we’ll head down again to eat dinner with our buddy Alan -

Eddie: For some stingray!


Alright – the next 10 years!

Nicky: [Thinks] I would like more AZIADDICTS from me. Hopefully little AZIADDICTS running around the backyard.


Definitely the one to watch, the one to make an influence, and bringing some real voice from the heart, that was Aziatix, D-1 from MAMA 2011. Nicky talks as if they’re going to wear costumes or something that ‘we can enjoy’, I am imagining things such as LED Tees or Caps or somewhat entertaining gear. Look forward to their stellar performance to rock in the same stage with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Will.I.Am, Aplapl, and other Asian stars and Korean music wavers later today, live telecast. For more information, visit MAMA for links on live streamings.

Look out for the updates for MAMA 2011 live from Singapore, only on Korea.com!

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