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K-Pop Night Out at Music Matters Live 2012 Conference: M.I.B.


“Well, the name was just out of our ridiculous activities; MIB, apart from ‘Men in Black’, I came up with Money in the Building, Tasha thought of something else,” shared Tiger JK as to where MIB name came about casuing an arousal of laughter at the room.

Unfamiliar with this 4-member ‘hip-hop idol group’, as confirmed by the label by the leader 5zic, MIB (Most Incredible Busters) is a group prepared by Tiger JK’s Jungle Entertainment. The three other members: Cream, SIMS, and Kang Nam in shades also did their solo acts with their own producing and songwriting.

Again, when talking about Singapore being the first time for the group, 5zic excites that “It’s summer all year round, and the city is just so clean, a little bit more cleaner than Seoul.”

They were asked as well, what sets them apart from the rest of the performers and idol groups.  Boasting their true musical skills for the ability to self-produce, write their own songs and perform it as well, is what makes “us the most incredible busters on stage,” explains the leader. “And that we don’t focus on any dance or choreography acts.” Their live performance at Clarke Quay’s open environment is supported by KOCCA, media covered by Arirang TV and Viki. Check out more exclusive shots of the 4 boys below!

Brought to you by Korea.com, look out for the next artist in line which is dubbed as South Korea’s Hip-Hop Prince, Yoon Mirae and Drunken Tiger JK!



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