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SJM records congratulatory video for Guang Liang’s new album release, expresses intentions to work together

The “King of Composing and Singing Love Ballads” Guang Liang will be releasing a new album that is a compilation of his new songs and live footages from his concert on the coming 3rd of June. Aside from having his new song “On a Rainy Sunday in Taipei”, the album will also record more than 20 live concert versions of his classical songs, which includes “Palm”, “First Time”, “Fairytale”, “You’re the One Who Changed” and more. On the press conference which was held in conjunction with the release of his new album on Monday afternoon, he had announced three pieces of good news at the same time, including the moving in to his new office, the release of his new album, and also the launching of his concert tour.

Aside from that, Super Junior-M who has immense popularity all across Asia also recorded a congratulatory video while requesting for a song at the same time, and Guang Liang said regretfully that: “Actually they have been asking for me to write a song since their first album, and the song has been delayed for close to two years, so I’m really sorry about it.”

Since the time that Super Junior-M held their first fanmeeting session in Taiwan, they had already chosen Guang Liang’s song “Tong Hua/Fairytale” to interact with their fans. The members all expressed their love for Guang Liang’s songs, and specially recorded a congratulatory video, at the same time expressing that since Guang Liang finally released a new song, Super Junior-M now has a new Mandarin song to practice on. Aside from delivering their well-wishes for the album sales to do well, Super Junior-M did not forget to request for a song as well, and also hoped that both parties would have the opportunity to work with each other in the area of music. Kyuhyun even very sweetly called Guang Liang as “Guang Liang gege*”, and Siwon even delivered “congratulations, congratulations” that was full with the Taiwanese flair. There were hilarious moments within the recording of the video itself. As the original video was supposed to have all 8 members of Super Junior-M singing to the tune of “Fairytale” for its opening, member Donghae sang it ecstatically to the point that he was still singing (the song) to Henry even though the filming had ended. This caused Zhou Mi, who was delivering his congratulatory message, to be unable to complete his sentences time and again, while Kyuhyun couldn’t hold it in and said: “Be quiet!” This interesting well-wishes caused Guang Liang to be extremely touched, and cooked up an immediate response to Super Junior-M’s invitation: “This is an honour for me, of course there’s not a problem!” However Guang Liang also expressed that he would find the time to compose diligently in the midst of his promotions, in order to resolve his song debt to them.

* Something like “Guang Liang hyung”.
Note: Other information not related to SJM omitted.

Source: Sina News
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by chunny觅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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