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SNSD’s Taeyeon explains her mistake: “I got confused because I held microphone with my left hand”

Taeyeon of SNSD’s unit group TaeTiSeo has explained her mistake during a recent performance.

In the episode of MBC FM4U’s Hope Songs of Noon, This is Sweet Sorrow that aired on May 7, Taeyeon was invited as a guest and she explained a mistake she made during the performance of “Twinkle” in KBS 2’s Music Bank on May 4.

The star emphasized that it was not a big mistake and said, “It was not like I was heading to a completely opposite direction from others. It was a simple mistake of hand gesture.”

Tiffany added, “Since we are used to dancing in the group of nine people, some of us are comfortable holding a microphone on the left while the others are just the opposite. Taeyeon appears to be holding with the opposite hand that she is used to while Seohyun and I are keeping the same side.”

Taeyeon explained, “I feel more comfortable holding the microphone on the right. Since I had to hold it with another hand, some moves got confused in my head.”

Probably because of this mistake, TaeTiSeo had another performance on May 6 in SBS’s Inkigayo with headset microphones. There was no mistake, and the members seemed to be enjoying being on stage even more.

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