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T-ara’s Eunjung forces Hwa Young to eat rice cakes

A video of T-ara’s Enjung forcing Hwa Young to eat a rice cake is drawing a lot of attention.

An online community posted captured images from the video with the caption, “Ham Eunjung and rice cakes.” In the show, which was recorded in Japan, Eunjung is forcing Hwa Young to eat a rice cake.”

Eunjung and other members are smiling but Hwa Young looks like she is about to cry. Eunjung is putting a big rice cake into Hwa Young’s mouth and the video made people believe that they have been bullying Hwa Young.

People responded: “How can they look so happy after forcing her to eat rice cakes?” “Eunjung is laughing but Hwa Young looks like she is about to cry.” “What if Hwa Young gets indigestion?”

On July 28, T-ara members tweeted criticisms, which sounded like they blamed Hwa Young for not performing on stage due to her injured leg. Those tweets caused a controversy over Hyo Young being bullied and T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, ultimately announced that they had canceled Hwa Young’s contract.

The agency said, “We think teamwork is important so we decided to listen to opinions from nineteen staff members. We don’t want them to suffer anymore so we decided to cancel Hwa Young’s contract.”

After the announcement from the agency, Hwa Young expressed her feelings by tweeting, “The facts without the truth.” Then the agency said, “T-ara appeared on KBS’s Music Bank on July 27. Hwa Young, however, with only two teams were left before their performance, suddenly announced that she would not perform on stage . Eunjung and Hyomin had to cover Hwa Young’s rap in order not to cause problems during the program.”

According to the agency, even though there are several incidents regarding Hwa Young, president Kim wanted to protect her by keeping those incidents under wraps. They also said that it is unfortunate that she felt the need to leave such a comment on her Twitter account. They said, “We hope that Hwa Young realizes what she did wrong.”

Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu also tweeted that she hopes T-ara members can perform together in great harmony.

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