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Why doesn’t Hwayoung’s apology calm the controversy over T-ara?

When will T-ara explain the rumor?

There has been much progress in the confrontation between Hwayoung and Core Contents Media. Hwayoung apologized to Core Contents Media and Kim Kwang Soo, the CEO of Core Contents Media, accepted her apology. There’s even an analysis that the controversy over T-ara has been calmed after Hwayoung apologized to Core Contents Media.

Hwayoung once refuted the announcement made by her agency, Core Contents Media, on July 30 by tweeting, “Facts without any truth.” However, she uploaded a long statement on her Twitter account on July 31 around 10:30 p.m. to apologize to her fans and Core Contents Media.

According to a report from the Daily Sports on August 1, Hwayoung personally apologized to Kim with her sister Hyoyoung. It seems like Hwayoung and Core Contents Media are no longer in confrontation with each other.

By saying, “I’ll improve myself to become more mature,” in her statement, Hwayoung insinuated that she admitted her mistake and would start off again away from Core Contents Media.

However, many people are still looking suspiciously at T-ara and their agency because they didn’t mention anything about their comments uploaded on their Twitter accounts on July 25, which seemed to target a specific person.

The only explanation they gave was their agency’s statement that there was no bullying and Hwayoung was the only one who caused troubles.

Because it’s been reported that what happened at the Music Bank studio on July 25 caused the cancellation of Core Contents Media’s contract with Hwayoung, many people are curious about the comments of T-ara members and Hwayoung’s uncontrollable behavior at the studio.

Hwayoung and Core Contents Media are now fine, but T-ara members and their fans are still in conflict with each other.

Many people are now waiting for T-ara’s explanation.

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