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Metaphors of a woman’s life: Miss Conspirator

I stumbled upon the trailer of the upcoming movie “Miss Conspirator”, starring Ko Hyun-Jung and Yu Hae-Jin as the main actors, in which Chun SooRo, a woman that suffers from panic disorders, accidentally finds herself involved into drug smuggling affairs, and will have to cope with undercover agents tailing her and gang bosses out for her life.

The trailer was funny to watch, the first scenes especially were well placed and well timed, and, while I might have preferred to skip over the repetitive adjective-scene-adjective-etc. a little bit, the snippets shown in the brief video clip provide quite a detailed preview of what the movie will be.

The filming for this movie has had more than a few little mishaps over the process –one for all the temporary interruption due to director Jung Bum-Sik’s poor health– but it was successfully completed in December 2011 and will be released on June 21st.

Miss conspirator (original title: "Miss Go")


What made me pause and think about this a little bit more was that, whether it was intentional or I saw it on my own, there’s a distinct metaphor of how hard a woman’s life can turn out to be, in a world where, even though everyone everywhere preaches and boasts equality, men more often than not tend to have the upper hand on things; but, more than that, from a general point of view, how the tiniest casual mistake, or even simply being in the wrong place at the wrong moment can turn around an entire life.

While quality-wise the trailer hasn’t made a big impact on me, it’s a little too long for my tastes –or rather, the repetitive scheme on a video that long wearies the eye after a while– the contents were interesting enough to think “Hm, I would like to watch it”, so it was an efficient enough presentation, despite the screenplay not being particularly impressive.

Points in advance already go to Ko Hyun-Jung, for displaying brilliantly quite the deep journey from the panicked naïve and innocent girl to the more hard-minded woman ready for anything, who’s just “doing what a girl’s gotta do” to get away in a situation where men bare their teeth and stomp their feet…

…hopefully she’ll be demonstrating how most of them are all bark and no bite.


Source: AsianWiki

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