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2nd Place Winner’s Work of Show Your Drama Event (American Drama) by Aidah Abdullah

My recasting for the main characters in Grey’s Anatomy


Richard Webber        

          James Pickens, Jr.                Lee Soon Jae                 

For the role of Richard Webber Chief of Surgery at the prestigious Seattle Grace Hospital, I would like to cast Lee Soon Jae. I love this man. He’s a veteran where playing President/VIP roles are concerned, e.g. the President of Korea twice, in Good Morning President and Dae Mul, the President of a large company, in Flames of Ambition, a Minister in Princess Man. Of them all I like Flames of Ambition best because here he plays a conniving old man who gets things done his way. His face is expressionless and you can’t get a clue of what he’s thinking about by looking at him. But nothing escapes his eye; he seems to know what is going on around him all the time though he pretends not to know. Like De Webber he also had an affair with his daughter-in-law’s mother whom he hasn’t forgotten.

Dr. Webber is an intelligent, calm and level headed, driven person who can’t forget about his past indiscretions with Dr. Ellis Grey, the mother of one of his interns, Meredith Grey. He loves his career and being the top man in the hospital. What disturbs him most is to lose control of his hospital or his staff keeping secrets from him and alcohol.  This is a somewhat lighter version of the part Lee Soon Jae played in Flames of Ambition. I think he should be able to pull it off with flying colors! It would be fun to see him in the role of a hospital administrator, something which he hasn’t done before.


Miranda Bailey    

Chandra Wilson                 Shin Eun Gyung

Dr. Miranda Bailey is a straightforward; tough, quick-witted person who enjoys being feared by her interns. She’s not known for having many weaknesses. She dislikes Interns who suck up and talk back; doctors who look down on her because she’s a parent; interns who don’t pull their weight; fraternizing between residents and interns; and being woken up on her shift when she’s trying to take a nap.
I think that Shin Eun Gyung will fit the role as Dr. Bailey very well. In Flames of Ambition, she proved herself to be very well organized in running things at home and at work. She is also quick witted and catches on very fast. She instills the fear of her among her employees and subordinates. She has great ambition while she doesn’t like people to look down on her status. I think she should be able to make the hospital proud of her achievements if she takes on this role.


Meredith Grey      

Ellen Pompeo                                Son Ye Jin  

 Meredith Grey is an intern at this hospital and she’s trying very hard to live up to the reputation of her legendary surgeon mother while hiding the fact that her mom now suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

She’s an Intelligent, compassionate, hard-working person with good medical instincts and a natural flair for medicine. But she’s
often outspoken, easily distracted and indecisive.

Even though relationships were never Meredith’s strong point, she has recently made great strides in her love life. She finally married her one true love, Derek Shepherd, a surgical resident recently relocated to Seattle from New York  

Son Ye Jin is a great actress; she’s another one of those chameleons that I always refer to. She’s also my favorite actress. Give her anything and she’ll really perform, she’s so versatile. I think that she can play this role easily. Soh Ye Hin is a witty lady oozing with charm just like Dr. Grey. I was also thinking that with her experience in A Moment to Remember, where she was preparing herself for the time when she would be a victim of the disease too, that she might be able to help overcome some of the fear in Dr. Meredith Grey about her mother’s Alzheimer. That girl has got style. She usually plays the goodie type of roles and who would have thought that she would be doing a sexy scene with Bae Yong Joon in April Snow? Three movies of hers, A Moment to Remember with Jung WooSung, The Art of Seduction with Song Il Guk and April Snow with Bae Yong Joon will always remain in my mind. These are three love stories but each told in a different style. She really amazes me. I also like her dramas like Personal Taste with Lee Min Ho, Summer Scent with Song Seung Hun, Alone in Love with Kam Woo Sung and Spotlight with Ji Jin Hee. She’s lucky in the sense that she always gets good actors as her leading man.


Derek Shepherd

Patrick Dempsey         Park Shi Hoo       

 Derek Shepherd, neuro surgeon, is a kind, compassionate, charming, sensitive and clever person with very good bedside manners. But his weaknesses lie in his stubbornness, his habitual brooding and a failed marriage.            

After finding his wife, Addison, in bed with his best friend, Mark, Derek left New York and moved to Seattle. Here, he met Meredith and pursued a relationship. After a series of ups and downs, the couple recently married.

My choice for this role is Park Shi Hoo because he looks like the free and easy, happy go lucky sort of person; he’s intelligent and possesses very good manners so I’ve read. He showed his stubbornness in Family’s Honor. That’s why I think he will make a very charming neuro surgeon and he will make the lady doctors/nurses’ hearts flutter but then he’s already taken by Soh Ye Jin or Dr. Meredith Grey.

Mark Sloan

                              Eric Dane                              Kwon Sang Woo                         

 Mark Sloan, Plastic Surgeon, charming, confident, and great with his hands but his weakness lies in WOMEN! However, his real passion lies in saving lives through plastic surgery.
He was the cause for the end of Derek’s marriage to Addison, after Derek caught him sleeping with his wife. Since relocating to Seattle, Mark has slept with many nurses and even a resident or two. Regardless, he has found his match in Lexie Grey (Meredith’s stepsister) and is now in a committed relationship with her.

For this role, I have picked Kwon Sang Woo. He’s got the right looks for the playboy type of guy. He’s charming and has very seductive eyes. When he smiles my heart misses a beat. I believe he was a gigolo in Dae Mul? Correct me if I’m wrong. He is my favorite Korean actor after BYJ. He’s got the height, the looks, and the perfect body to play this role. He not only looks good, he’s witty, too! The devotion he has for his job becomes apparent through his sincerity in filming – he does his own stunts! He possesses a charming demeanor which contributes to his popularity amongst the ladies.



Alex Karev         

                        Justin Chambers                 Yoon Si Yoon                        

 Alex Karev intern at the Seattle Grace Hospital, is honest, has a steady hand and always tells it like it is.

Honest, he has a steady hand, always tells it like it is. His main weakness is his mouth! He’s also a bit of a smart-ass. He has no sense of punctuality at all and is always late. He likes getting the best surgeries, going to   Joe’s bar and wrestling. He doesn’t like to be told what to do or to tell a lie. He’s got a reputation as a womanizer.

Good looks again Is the reason I’ve chosen Yoon Si Yoon for the role of Alex Karev. He’s got an honest face so it’ll be unlikely that he will tell a lie. He sure looks like a good conversationalist too. Womanizer?  I hope not, he’s so cute! With such a charming face I’m sure he’s going to break many hearts. He’s been blessed with such good looks. Keep up the good work and make more dramas


Cristina Yang        

Sandra Oh           Lee Yoo Ri      

Cristina Yang, Resident, is very competitive, ambitious, intelligent and always speaks her mind. She thrives on assisting in unusual, hardcore surgeries. But she can be bossy, aggressive and tactless with bad
bedside manners. She doesn’t like to be hugged, being told what to do and losing (at anything!)

The first person I thought of was Lee Yoo Ri in her role as Hwang Geum Ran in Twinkle Twinkle. She’s ambitious alright, competitive and intelligent but more of a cunning nature I would say. She definitely is tactless and has some very bad manners. And most of all she cannot lose to anybody. I think Lee Yoo Ri is the perfect choice for this role. Funny most of us hate the villains in the dramas we watch but we seldom realize that the more we hate the villains, the more successful they are.

Callie Torres

Sara Ramirez                            Kim Tae Hee     

Callie Torres is good at what she does, she’s focused and disciplined and the reason she’s trying hard to be Chief Resident. She’s driven and determined and very outgoing but she gets impulsive at times.
She likes Cuban food and dancing in her underwear. She’s always grumbling of not having enough money to pay her rent
Met George after treating him for a dislocated shoulder. The pair started dating and Callie fell for George in a big way—the two married! Ultimately, however, they divorced. Callie next sought refuge in the arms of Mark Sloan and, more recently, Arizona Robbins.

When I was thinking of whom to put in this slot, flashes of Kim Tae Hee in Love in Harvard and My Princess flooded my mind. She’s good at what she does, she’s focused and disciplined. She can be determined and driven. She’s also the outgoing type. Talk about being impulsive, she was acting that way a lot in My Princess. I think that Callie Torres must have married George on an impulse, and that’s why it ended in divorce. Who knows Kim Tae Hee might do the same? So I think this is the perfect choice for this role.

Lexie Grey                 

                                              Chyler Leigh                                          Han Hye Jin                    

Lexie Grey, intern and stepsister to Meredith Grey, is reliable, trustworthy and possesses a photographic memory. She’s a bit timid though, apprehensive and struggles to be taken seriously.
Lexie has found herself in a close relationship with Mark Sloan. Yes, that Mark Sloan. Quite surprisingly, Lexie has seemed to turn him around—from a slick playboy to a solid boyfriend. 

Thorn Birds was a drama which I enjoyed very much because Han Hye Jin  was acting in it. She’s pretty, talented and one of my favorite actresses. I’ve seen a lot of her other dramas like Romance, 1% of Anything, You are a Star, The Book of 3 Han, Terroir and Jejungwon but I love Thorn Birds the most. I was comparing her role in that drama and it is almost similar to this role of Lexie Grey. She’s reliable, trustworthy and has a photographic memory, timid and all. So I thought why not put her in this role?

Well, I guess this is about all I have to say in my entry to the contest. I hope that you will kindly accept and consider my entry for the contest. Thank you.

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